Colonial Etched SAVES STEPS 

Circa 1908

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colsaves21group       colsaves21x
colsaves21x3       colsavesallspice21
colsavesallspice21x       colsavesbaking21
colsavesbaking21x       colsavescinnamon21
colsavescinnamon21x       colsavescloves21
colsavescloves21x       colsavescoffee21
colsavescoffee21x       colsavesginger21
colsavesginger21x       colsavespepper21
colsavespepper21x       colsavestartar21
colsavestartar21x       colsavestea21
     All jar labels, for the exception of Baking Powder and Cream of Tartar, were etched in white.  It is  rare to find an etched logo on the label area that has not faded or been worn.   
     The bases of the jars in this pattern are embossed with the logo "The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet SAVES STEPS."   This logo is  unreadable or barely readable  on the bases of most jars as a result of manufacturing difficulties.   
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