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raised4       rsallspice
rscinnamon       rscloves
rscoffee       rsginger
rssalt       rssoda

        There are a number of factors that have an affect on the price of the pieces within  this group.  Some of the the earlier pieces had "ground" unpolished rims and tend to display a gray to amethyst purple tint.  Also, for some reason, the Cloves, Soda and Cinnamon pieces are much less common with the Ginger and Allspice being the most common.  Good Salt and Pepper pieces without cloudiness are also a premium set with their original adjustable closing lids.  The scripted "C" on the COFFEE and the "T" and "A" on the TEA canisters are the main indicators between these pieces and the more common Traditional Colonial Coffee and Tea jars.

     Most pieces do not show the kind of distinct embossing that the examples on this page show due to worn or dirty molds.  The distinct lids used in this series are also worthy of a premium as no replacables are available.

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