Towbees Hoosierware
Hoosier Cabinet Glassware Pattern Identifier for Glassware of the Hoosier Era

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Beehive - Clear

Beehive - Clambroth

Colonial - Etched

Colonial- McDougall

Colonial Raised Script

Colonial Ringed

Colonial Saves Steps

Colonial Stippled

Colonial Tradition

Colonial Green

Deco Stippled 'H'


Flip Top/Quick Twist


Hazel Atlas Misc

Hocking Square Clambroth White

Hocking Square Clambroth Green

Hocking Square Clear & Transparent Green

Hocking Square Fired On Colors

Hocking Square Transparent Green

Hocking Vitrock Red Flower Pots

Hocking Vitrock Green Flower Pots

Hocking Vitrock Black Circle

Hocking Vitrock     Red Circle

Hocking Vitrock   Blue Circle

Hocking Vitrock Tulips

Hocking Misc.

Jeannette Jennyware

Kitchen Maid Suffrage

McKee Misc.

Mission Early Etched

Mission Early Rectangular

Mission Early Rectangular Green

Mission Hoosiwer 'Swing Cover'

Mission Stippled

Mission Stippled Ringed

Mission Mid-Ringed Spice

Mission Low-Ringed Spice

Mission Traditional Pre1919

Mission Traditional Post 1919

Napanee Mission Amber

Napanee Mission Clambroth Green

Napanee Mission Clear Pre 1919

Napanee Mission Clear Post 1919

Owens Illinois Checkerboard

Owens Illinois Ruff N Ready Clear

Owens Illinois Ruff N Ready Frosted

Owens Illinois Ruff N Ready Emerald Green

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Clear/Black 1

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Clear/Black 2

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Clear/Green

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Clear/Read

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Clear/ Yellow

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Fired on Red

Owens Illinois Pantry Aid Emerald Green

Owens Illinois Misc

Raised Dot

Tins: Boone

Tins: Hoosier Green

Tins: Hoosier Red

Tins Misc.

Sellers Ripple Clear

Sellers Ripple Clambroth

Sellers Triple Skip Oval Black Amethyst

Sellers Triple Skip Oval Black Fired On

Sellers Triple Skip Red Fired On

Sellers Triple Skip Oval

Sellers Triple Skip Pre 1919

Sellers Triple Skip Post 1919

Sellers Triple Skip Ringed

'Sun Purple' Jars

Tobacco Jars

Zipper Green

Zipper Pre 1919

Zipper Post 1919

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