Triple Skip Oval Collection

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1clearbaby       3xcan10-13
baby2[1]       ov2204rackset
ov2204rackset2       ov2204racksetfront
ov2206rackback       ov2206rackfront
ov2206rackfrontwsalt       ov2206rackfrontwsalt2
ov2206rackfrontwtea       ov2206rackstand
ov220groupside       ov220groupside2
ov220logo       ov220saltfront
ov220saltside       ov220salttop
sellers1929crpjpgno       sellers41[1]
sellers42[1]       sellers500

     Pictured are all the variations that were available to the housewife from the early 1920's into the 1930's.  All pieces are original except for the wire rack that holds the large Cookie jar and 3 Baby Oval Spices. By far the hardest piece to collect is the Open Oval Salt followed by the Oval Tea and Coffee canisters.  Original racks are also few.  

   While the large "S" jar was introduced in 1924 and used with the Traditional Triple Skip Spice jars, the matching smaller oval jars did not come along until the late 1920's with few pieces produced.  Most Cookie jars will have a visible 1924 patent date on the base. Variations also included fired on colors and black amethyst which we have listed elsewhere.

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