Hoosier Cabinet Zipper Pattern

Pre-1919 Crystal Zipper

Post-1919 Crystal Zipper

Transparent Green Zipper

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 This is one of the most popular and "showy" patterns of Hoosier cabinet glassware because its "zipper cut"  facets catch and reflect the light  so magnificently.  Originally called Quaker by the Sneath Glass Company of Hartford City, Indiana in their 1917 ad below, it is today more commonly referred to as Zipper. 

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The older and less common spice on the left in the photo is heavier, has straighter shoulders and has a flared rather than rounded base like the later version on the right.  The older pre-1919 pieces like the one on the left frequently exhibit a gray to amethyst color and may also fluoresce under a black light.  

Since the "Zipper" pattern glassware was sold as an upgrade during lean economic times, it was not as common at the time and even rarer today.  And the Transparent Green pattern and Ringed Zipper pieces are rarer still.  Zipper pattern pieces can exhibit considerable variation in strength of pattern, shape, color and weight. 

Click on a photo link above to view examples of Pre-1919 Crystal, Post-1919 Crystal and Green Zipper pieces.


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