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Hoosier Cabinet Glassware: An Online Museum of glassware manufactured from 1905-1941 for Hoosier style Kitchen Cabinets

HOOSIERWARE is the glassware that accompanied the early kitchen cabinets produced from 1905-1941.  It evolved as the pioneering glass industry in Ohio and Indiana (fueled by the discovery of natural gas in the region) teamed up with the early manufacturers of wooden Hoosier Cabinets.* These companies developed a working relationship that was beneficial both to the sale of kitchen cabinets and glassware.   The partnership between these two industries would endure through World War I and the Depression years.  But as World War II approached, the Hoosier Cabinet was beginning to lose its prominence in kitchens as free-standing furniture was being replaced by modular and built-in cabinetry. 

The Hoosier Cabinet was the mainstay of the "modern" kitchen in the early 1900's, and the hoosierware accessories played a large role in making it a successful innovation.  

The Sneath Glass Company of Hartford City, Indiana was the earliest supplier to the cabinet manufacturers of the day and most of our collection traces to them.  Other glass companies like Anchor Hocking, Hazel Atlas, Jeannette and Owens-Illinois artfully and inventively joined in to supply kitchen cabinet and pantry glassware to this emerging market.  The links in the column to the left point to the most common patterns of the Sneath Glass Company and to glassware produced by these other companies.  Our collection includes nearly every piece of glassware produced during those years--and nearly every piece is for sale. 

Over the past 30 years, we have salvaged many original parts from old cabinets  and are in the process of photographing and cataloguing those parts to assist those who are restoring old cabinets.  We also stock a variety of new lids, racks and accessories for those in need of missing parts.  We DO NOT stock or have for sale any reproduction glassware.   Credit card transactions through PAYPAL  are welcome as well as personal checks.

Probably the most common inquiry we get is about REPRODUCTION HOOSIER GLASSWARE.  We will soon be adding a section on this website to aid in distinguishing the real from the fake.

   We are pleased to announce the addition of a new search page tool.   You can try our new PATTERN IDENTIFIER PAGE by clicking the link here or on the photo of it below.  We are also pleased to announce that all eighty category pages will soon be linked with PAYPAL Shopping Carts and linked to some 7000 pieces of glassware in our collection.  This will all take a little time and will unfold gradually.

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*Major cabinet manufacturers of the day included Ariel, Boone, Cardinal, Diamond, Hoosier, Ideal, Kitchen Maid, Larkin, Marsh, McDougall, Napanee, Queen, Sellers, Showers and Wilson.  The cabinets made by these companies are today generically and collectively referred to as "Hoosier Cabinets." 


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